Sometimes it IS rocket science

Terri about Teaching at Terma

Terma employees of all sorts – from draftsmen to quality managers – started abcSPROG English courses in August 2016. The participants were super motivated which made my job easier! Expectations were high and goals clear from the start:

  • Become more confident when speaking English
  • Improve fluency
  • Need more self-confidence when speaking with foreign colleagues
  • Improve pronunciation and reduce the number of really bad mistakes
  • Avoid hesitating when trying to find the right word
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Improve level of English – both when speaking and writing
  • Improve grammar through better understanding of grammatical rules.

When planning the courses, emphasis was placed on conversation and speaking as much as possible. Grammatical errors were then pin-pointed, explanations given and exercises assigned to practice.

Reading and discussing articles has been top priority and a great way to learn new words.

I experienced that many in the courses were actually better at speaking English than they thought they were, and their language level increased just by becoming more confident – which led to “opening up” and not being afraid of making mistakes!

Comments at the end of the course from participants:

“Now I am confident in starting conversations with foreign colleagues. I tried to avoid speaking English in the past”

“I achieved a better understanding of English grammar and can now focus on improving my weaknesses and know what to continue working on”

“I learned a lot and am able to speak at a higher level and have more confidence when speaking”

“More relaxed when speaking and have more self-confidence. Highly recommend the course”

Teaching English isn’t rocket science, but sometimes it seems like it is when trying to help sort out the right tenses, explaining when to use an adjective or adverb and explaining once again an exception to a rule! But the right kind of consistent training has given many “a-ha moments” and has been rewarding for both the course participants at Terma- and the instructor!