Lær at sætte komme på engelsk

Vil du gerne blive bedre til at sætte komma på engelsk? Her får du 5 tips til, hvordan du skal sætte komma på engelsk:

  1. Opremsninger, indskud og pauser

    I went to Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland
    She had, however, forgotten to give him a key to the flat.

  2. Når ledsætningen kommer først

    When she arrived at the cinema, he was still waiting outside.
    After a good washing and grooming, the puppy looked like a new dog.

  3. Mellem selvstændige led med and, but, for, nor, yet eller or

    Jane had pie, and Andrew had fish and chips.
    You need take no action, but you might wish to keep this letter for your records.

  4. For at undgå misforståelser

    My favourite breakfast is coffee, bacon and eggs, and toast.
    Included among the photographer’s exhibits were cross-dressers, Mike Tyson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    I like cooking, my family, and my pets.

  5. When in doubt, leave it out.