Arla Foods language courses

abcSPROG has been a key supplier of language courses to Arla in Denmark since 1995. Our long-standing partnership has given us an understanding of Arla’s changing needs and how best to satisfy them, the result of which has been tailor-made courses in English, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Polish.

Course options

(Some of your) course options
Customised language courses for your department
We start by clarifying wishes and needs. Then we move on to screening the participants’ levels and get back to you with a suggestion.
Individual classes, all languages
Our most flexible solution. You can start whenever you are ready.
Danish, Group classes
Join a small group at your location. Fixed price per person.
English, Group classes
Join a group at your location. Fixed price per person.
Cambridge preparation courses 
Certify your English skills. Preparation courses for FCE, CAE, CPE. Individual lessons or small groups.

How to move forward?

Knowing your specific needs, goals and level of proficiency is crucial when organising a successful language course. Before you start, you will be called in for a face-to-face needs-analysis and language test. This assessment helps us tailor the course to your exact needs.

Your lessons can take place at your Arla location, at our office (in Aarhus) or via Skype for Business.

Order your language course in Ariba

You can see the current prices in Ariba, and you can also order your language course in a few easy steps.

How to order your language course in Ariba.

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